Executive Rentals Application
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Will you have pets with you?
Will you need to Smoke in the unit?
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Names of other Tenants

Thank you for your interest in Executive Rentals and residences available in the Farmington area. The items listed below provide
a general overview of the requirements to note before completion of this application.

    01. Provision of false information is the basis for lease denial or for lease cancellation at any time.

    02. All units are non-smoking. Executive Rentals DOES NOT maintain any smoking units.

    03. All units are no pets allowed. Some units that we lease from other owners may maintain a "pet friendly" unit where a limited  number and
          size of pet are allowed in any unit. No cats are allowed in any unit.

    04.  Most units require a security-utility deposit which varies by unit size. "LOR" Letter of Responsibility may be accepted from a company
           obtaining a unit for their employee(s) in Farmington.

    05. All "pet friendly" units require a higher mandatory deposit by the pet owner.

    06. All rental rates are determined by the location of the unit AND the number of tenants residing in the unit subject to limitations set by the Lease
          Agreement. Any lease holder that allows additional tenants not included in the Lease Agreement will be charged for the additional tenants, asked
          to remove the additional tenants immediately, or have their lease terminated.

    07. All initial leases are issued on a Month To Month basis for an estimated period of three (3) months. A $100.00 per month (30-day period) surcharge
          will be added for each month that the initial lease is held for less than this period. All leases must span a period of a minimum of thirty (30) days
          with no refund of rent payments received for less than thirty (30) day occupancy.  

    08. A thirty (30) day notice- is required to terminate any Month To Month lease.

    09. The first rent due is always prorated to the end of the month when the occupancy begins and all rent is due on the first of the month thereafter.
           The final rent will also be prorated for the month of final occupancy.

    10. If a lease begins after the 15th of any month, Executive Rentals may require payment of the balance of the initial month and the full payment of
          the next month at their discretion.

    11. The daily rate for any unit is the monthly rate divided by thirty (30) regardless of the actual number of days in the month.

    12. In all cases where unrelated tenants secure a residential unit together, the one tenant listed on the application as the "LEASE HOLDER" will be
          the person responsible for collecting and submitting security deposits and rent to be made to Executive Rentals as a combined payment.